Slaves to Technology? – Anthony Rodriguez (12)

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I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t have a phone. It isn’t uncommon to see third and fourth grade kids with iPhones. Kids are becoming obsessed with their devices and all the social media and interactive games that go along with them.

My kid sister is 12 and all of her friends are already attached to their phones. Instead of going outside or being active, they sit in her room and play on their phones. I remember when I was 12 I would ride my bike to go hang out with friends and we would be outside all the time. We would ride bikes everywhere and round up the neighbors to play backyard football or any sort of game we could come up with. Sadly that’s just not the case anymore. Kids find it more fun to watch other people’s lives through a screen instead of living their own active life and having actual fun.

I would say in an ideal world it would be great for everyone to have phones. They really are helpful in the aspect that people can communicate with others instantly. In case of emergencies people can get first responders to the scene faster than ever. But the thing is, it would only be a good thing if people didn’t get so into the things on their cell phones. It’s not just kids either! It is teenagers, parents, and even grandparents who are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and thousands of other apps these days. It is okay to have these things, but its not when it begins to overcome one’s life. It’s not good for anyone to stare at a screen all day, but it is especially not good to not experience the world and life by looking at the screen on a phone. As human beings we learn so much from just living and experiencing life and it seems to be that a lot of kids now are missing out on that.

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