I am on Team Cat – by Kaela Tucker (12)

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People seem to be either a “cat person” or a “dog person” and take the “team they are on pretty seriously.  I am team Cat. Some people think cats are boring and are useless animals but they are far from it. If someone has never had a cat as a pet, they never experienced the rush of energy cats get when they smell catnip or when some unknown person comes to the house, or what it is like when the neighbors dog comes over and the cat is on high ground taunting it.


People just judge cats because the way they are portrayed in movies as boring and no fun. But I have grown up with cats my whole life and maybe it might just be my cats, but they are pretty fun and yeah they do lay around but so do dogs, all animals do. Cats are just as fun as dogs. People say how they are lazy and how they don’t do anything but dogs are just as lazy, in my opinion.


I went around and asked a few people what their views are on cats. First I asked Carolyn Lam, “ I don’t like cats, I think they are a pointless pet. They just lay around and hide and are very lazy and aren’t fun.” Carolyn has never had a cat so she doesn’t know what it is like. Anyone who has never owned or took the time to play with a cat say the same things.


Senior,Jayne Vredevoogd comments,”I have a dog and I like dogs a lot more, but I don’t really have anything against cats. I just feel a dog is a more fun pet to have.”


On the other hand, senior, Regan Heintz countered, “Cats have a stereotype and people don’t like them just because of what they hear about them. The people who don’t like cats are the people who have probably never even had an interaction with a cat.”


Dog people are way too quick to judge cats based on their limited views on felines. Cats are calm animals,  but not all the time! Cats are very loving and playful. Before judging cats and writing them off as no fun, people should at least try to interact with one first.

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