How “CLEAN” are your clothes? – Emily Shooltz (12)


People have increasingly been seen wearing Patagonia and other brands that are known as clean. A clean brand is a brand selling their product and leaving the enritonemts as it was or even better than they found it. Patagonia contributes most of their income back into environmental efforts because of how bad the clothing industry is for the world.

Here is what a few GHS Bulldogs had to say about clean brands and their clothing choices:

Brendan Leys:

Do you where clean brands?

“Yes, I do.”

Have you heard of Patagonia?


Do you know how wasteful the clothing industry is?

“No, I guess I don’t.”

Why do you shop Patagonia?

“Because I think it looks nice and it fits me really well.”

Do you see a lot of people wearing Patagonia?


Mrs. Robrahn, English teacher at Grandville:

Do you wear clean brands?

“I shop used clothing online.”

Have you heard of Patagonia?

“Yes, we joke that I sponsor Patagonia!”

Do you know how wasteful the clothing industry is?

“Oh yes, especially the shoe industry, that is why Patagonia stopped selling shoes.”

Why do you shop Patagonia?

“Because of their lifetime warranty and the good they do for the environment, their whole mission is to make people more conscious of the impact they have when they don’t buy clean.”

Bella Licari:

Do you wear clean clothing brands?

“No, probably not.”

Do you know how wasteful the clothing industry is?

“No, not until a few hours ago when I heard you talking about it…”

Are you more interested now in clean brands?


Textile industry is one of the top 3 water wasting industry in China, discharging over 2.5 billion tons of wastewater every year.

About 15% of fabric intended for clothing ends up on the cutting room floor. This  waste rate has been tolerated industry-wide for decades. It takes more than 5,000 gallons of water to manufacture just a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Second to oil, the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world. Students in GHS have been increasingly wearing this great brand and we are here for it!


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