Goodbye Judgement – by Hanna Sarber (11)

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No matter who you are you will be judged for many things throughout your life. Judgement can be put on your sexuality, your gender, your race, your age, your profession and many other things. The amount of judgement going around the world needs to be decreased tremendously. GHS Spanish teacher, Mrs. Conley shared her past experiences with judgement. “I am biracial, bilingual, and bicultural. I am judged every day because of it.” Mrs. Conley has gotten used to the judgement but she shouldn’t have to. No one should have to. Judgment is a dangerous thing and can make anyone feel unsafe or unwanted. We judge people everyday over the littlest things and it needs to stop.  Ally Myers a freshman at GHS this year told me “In high school there is so much pressure to be a certain person. For example the amount of pressure to have the newest clothes, the best hair and the best makeup.” The transition from middle school to high school brings a lot of judgement. Many people, especially teenage girls, are afraid to go to school, walk out in public or be themselves because they are always looking over their shoulder wondering who is going to judge them next. Try to decrease the amount of judgment going through your head by considering what others are going through and not making assumptions. Be the person who makes someone smile rather than someone who passes judgment onto someone.

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