GHS Takes On NYC – by Gracyn Segard (12)

In November, 250 GHS orchestra and choir students traveled to New York City! This is such a honor for the kids at GHS to get an outside experience of the world and take a cool trip with their best friends.“ My favorite part was times square at night and hanging with my friends,” Carolyn Lam who was a part of the orchestra tells. They performed at the Trump Tower and Saint Paul’s Cathedral on their trip.

While they were there, in addition to performing, they got to do some fun things. “We were there for 5 days and only had about 4 hours of free time total we were super busy. My favorite part about the trip was the Empire State Building,” senior Allison Smith says. Although they were super busy, they had a couple hours of free time to visit the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, walk around, and see all the cool things New York has to offer. “My favorite part was Aladdin on Broadway,” Alexis Johnson mentions. “The best part was walking around at night and seeing cool stuff!”  Caleb Farney says. What an awesome opportunity for these students and a trip they will remember forever.

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