GHS Step Team – by Kaela Tucker (12)

This past school year Grandville High School got something new! GHS got a club that we have never had anything like before.The welcomed addition is the GHS Step Team! 

I talked to the teacher advisor of Step, Mrs. Lawrence and this is what she had to say; “The focus once you are in Step is to work up to a performance. You have to develop a routine, then you have to practice the routine and work together on getting it down. The focus of the group is to give students an opportunity to get involved in something. The fact that’s it’s really unique, it is something we have never had before and something that not a lot of people know about. The main goal of the team is that all of the hard work and practices will lead up to a performance. It is also good for students who aren’t involved in other extra curricular activities like, Sports, Student Council, Exec Board and more. We perform at some basketball games and we did a performance after school in the main gym. But I don’t think that we will have any big performances or competitions this year. When we first started the team we started off with 45, now we have around 24. We want more people, all are welcome, boys and girls. So if anyone is interested should come to a practice and see what everything is all about.”

Jake Fontaine, the team manager shared some of his thoughts with me about the team; “I am the team manager, I basically help out with whatever they need me to, I play the music, I like to record all of the practices and performances so they have film to look back at and try to improve. I would be on the team but it is too much of a commitment and I don’t think people understand how much time and effort everyone puts in and how hard they work.”

Abby Miars and Kiera Koetsier are seniors this year at GHS and joined the club together. They are so happy to be a part of something like this and to be able to help a team like this start.

Kiera didn’t hesitate to express what Step is to her; “Step is important to me because it allows me try something new and get out of my comfort zone. My favorite thing about joining the step team is probably all of the new people I met and the sense of accomplishment I get. When my coach shows the team a new step we’re going to learn it’s easy to think we’ll never be able to learn it but after hours of practice and hard work there’s no better feeling than finally being able to perfect the step as a team. This team has taught me so much about myself and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a challenging new activity.”

Abby also shared how being on the team affected her, “When I joined the step team I only knew one girl, but after the 1st practice I already felt comfortable with everyone on the team. It was so easy to get to know everyone and it introduced me to people at GHS I otherwise never would have met. I loved learning new steps on my own and then seeing how well they’d come together when we stepped as a team. Before step, I didn’t even know it existed so it allowed me to find something new that I loved.”

The GHS Step Team is a great addition our school and community. It is something new that I think a lot people should give a shot. Step Club is open to anyone and everyone. If interested please contact Kiera Koetsier at or 616-279-9255 or stop by and see Mrs. Lawrence.

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