GHS Ping Pong Club – Lexi DeKam & Brendan Leys

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Attention GHS students, are you a student who enjoys the game of Ping Pong? Student, Brock Walker, made it possible for anyone who enjoys the game, to become part of an after school club where anyone can join and all enjoy the game together. President/player Brock Walker says, “I didn’t start the club really, it started last year in Ms. Shoch’s chemistry classroom but it wasn’t really structured and we had to play on chemistry tables. So this year, I was asking around and heard a rumor that Mrs. Doyle, our fitness teacher at school, received a grant for 10 brand new ping pong tables. So I had a couple of conversations with her and she explained to me that she got the tables for everyone to use, so coincidentally she accepted the role of advisor to oversee us play. I’m really grateful for her for all the hard work she’s put in to making this thing reality. Hopefully this year it can run much more smoothly than last year.”

The advisor for the new club, Mrs. Doyle, says “It’s just a group of kids that enjoy playing Ping Pong”. She mentions that they were just recently granted the money by the Grandville Education Fund to purchase new tables, ping pong paddles, and ping pong balls. When asked what the meetings would look like, she said “It’s a group of kids who wanna play ping pong with each other, do some tournament-format games, and see where it goes from there.”

When asked what she was most excited for about the new club, Mrs. Doyle said, “I’m excited that kids can take part in a competitive or noncompetitive lifetime sport. Once you play ping pong you’ll always enjoy playing it. It’s a nice social, recreational game”.

If you are interested in joining The Ping Pong Club, email Brock Walker at There are still some spots left, so hurry if you are interested! The Ping Pong Club meets after school every Wednesday from 3-4pm, starting January 9. The matches take place in the hallway to the left of the lunchroom, at Grandville High School. There will be singles and doubles, so you do not have to have a partner. You may bring your own paddle, but the club will also provide paddles and balls. Josh Lawrence, a member of the club says, “I enjoy playing the game of ping pong and I know my skills will translate into this club.” Whether you have experience or not, join this club if you have any interest! Caleb Sheehan, another member of this club says, “I heard about the club from my fellow tennis partner Brock Walker and immediately wanted to join so I could compete against him, just like the good ole days.” This club is not very well known, so get your friends to sign up with you! Another member of the club, Jason Li says, “ I think Ping Pong Club is a great club to join. You get to meet new people and it’s a bunch of fun to smack around the ball.” So once again anyone can join this newly started club for free! If you have any further questions, contact, everyone is welcomed!  

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