Changes Brought on by Robots – by Jackson Baarda (11)


Robots are considered by many to the most fascinating machine in the world, and they are bringing a lot of change to the world. There have been many debates that I have overheard at GHS about how robots are good for the world, and some think we should be very careful because robots may be a threat to our society.

Ethan Fare, GHS Senior shows his apprehension about robots in the workplace when he said, “Robots are taking other people’s jobs away and they are going jobless and not being able to provide for their family.” Junior Byoko Hangyaombe agrees and claims, “They are too intelligent and could take over the world if we aren’t careful.”

On the other side of the argument, Miles Bailey a junior declares, “They are doing things humans cannot do and it’s making the world better.” Mrs Ernst, GHS Assistant Principal thinks that robots are a positive change for our worls and says, ¨I think robots are important because they are changing how the manufacturing business works, the economy, the work force and more.¨

Robots are something that our society needs to be careful with because they can be useful in different types of ways and they can change things in our world that we may not be ready to handle. 

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