BEEP BEEP it’s Time to Change – By Katelyn Crame (12)

When that 2:44 bell rings everyone dreads going out to the parking lot. You grab their backpack and walk out of the school with your friends, as your walking to your car you almost get hit by a student that is going 75 mph. When you get to your car you realize that you are going to have to sit there for 35 minute to back up because no one has the courtesy to let you back out. When you finally have a chance to start backing up a car comes flying past you as they honk at you while yelling at you or even worse.

Throughout this year alone there have been several reported accidents. There also have been a few no parking area violations, in which students park obstructing the flow of traffic. Bulldogs, it is only the end of the first semester. “GHS students aren’t even surprised when crashes happen anymore because it happens all the time,” Alivia Walker states. Another student, Reese Frankhouser complained “I couldn’t SEE but the other person while backing out but the other person could very obviously see me and decided to try and slide past me. I got blame put on me for this after they crashed into me.” There are two major causes for all of the accidents. Mr. Karpowicz states that “I have noticed students are in too big of a hurry to leave and forget what they have learned in drivers training. The second one is that most students think they can drive on snowy/icy pavement the same way as they drive on dry pavement.”

Things in the parking lot need to change, my fellow Bulldogs. Everyone complains about the parking lot and it’s madness, but nothing is going to change if we don’t do it ourselves! Slow down and take your time leaving the parking lot. Be more courteous when leaving school each day. I challenge each one of you to let at least five people go, instead of speeding past all of the people that are just trying to leave, like you!  

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