Are Standardized tests really needed? Are we wasting our time? – Gracyn Segard (12)

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Standardized tests shows how well students are going to perform during an educational setting. But is it really needed? It is proven that standardized testing creates major stress, leading to, in extreme cases, students sometimes resorting to taking unprescribed drugs that causes major problems for the students, all because of the worry about one test that is required to get into college with a good score.  Every student is evaluated on their standardized test scores, but what some people don’t realize is that students put their best effort in studying for the test, but receive a poor score because of their test taking abilities, test anxiety or just the set up of the SAT test. A single day of testing does not represent a student and how creative they actually are. Even a student does perform poorly, colleges will never know the actual student and what they have to offer and could bring to their institution. The test only offers academic subjects like reading,  writing, and math and it doesn’t offer any other artistic options of creativity that other students might excel in. Students can spend hours studying but not get a good result, even though they have personality plus and great social skills that would be great for colleges and many jobs in their future lives. So the question stands.. Are we benefiting from standardized testing or are we as a society wasting are time, stressing out kids and making things way more complicated than it really has to be when colleges could use other measures like GPA, portfolios, etc. to truly get to know students.


Many GHS students have strong opinions about the SAT and other standardized tests.


“It’s Stupid and Unfair, because one test is not supposed to represent the rest of your life. I’m a good student but it was super hard for me.”- Megan Harrington (Senior)


“I think it’s not an accurate test to see someone’s intelligence. There is also a lot of anticipation and stress leading up to it.” – Carolyn Lam (Senior)


“I hate these tests. It’s a lot of unrealistic studying and it pretty much determines where a person can go to college.” – Emily Fontaine (Junior)


“I don’t like standardized test because I don’t think they are a true measure of how smart someone is.” – Kiera Koetsier (Senior)


“Unlike many people, I like standardized tests. I think it’s important because when your at school all teachers grade differently, give different tests, etc. So I think It’s a universal way to measure intellectual aptitude. These tests makes me feel smart.” –  Anna Gelfius (Senior)


Most students at GHS think poorly of the SAT. Views include thinking it’s not a smart way to judge a student, and their capabilities from only a few hours of testing. Check out this website to learn more about the pros and cons of standardized testing.

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