Windy City Grill-A Restaurant Review- by Katelyn Crame (12) & Mackenna Tomaszewski (11)

Grandville is packed full of restaurants and it seems like hungry bulldogs gravitate toward the same restaurant every time they go out.  Windy City Grille is a great place to start branching out. The Windy City Grille is a family owned and operated restaurant with the highest quality food at a great price. Their food ranges from Chicago style subs, grille specialty 12” subs, melts on Rye and even chicken tenders.

We decided to give Windy City a try for ourselves. When we walked in we were greeted by the owner himself. He asked us how we were and sat us at a table of our choice with extra napkins. While ordering he was very knowledgeable about the menu. He was also happy to customize that sandwich to our liking. For example if a diner doesn’t like mushrooms he was glad to take them off on the entree.

Once we got our food the owner came up to our table multiple times and checked on how we were doing. Katelyn got the Grille specialty steak and cheese. Which consisted of grilled onion, mushrooms, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Mackenna tried the Windy city Sub which consisted of turkey, ham, roast beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo. Both of these meals were served with chips on the side. Both subs were very messy to eat but the flavor made up for the messines.

Windy City Grille is a place we recommend. It has good prices for amazing food and service. This is a new place that would be a good way to start branching out. The amazing food and service make the experience of branching out a whole lot better.


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