Thrift Shop Ratings- by Emily Shooltz (12)

Thrift stores can be some tricky business, shoppers never know if they’re going to walk into a smell trap or a designer footwear section. Here, I will rate thrift stores in the West Michigan area based out of a five star rating and three level criteria. The stores will be rated on cleanliness, product, and prices.


Goodwill:  4640 Ivanrest Ave SW, Grandville MI

⅘ stars

This goodwille store is clean, a decent selection, and ok prices. All goodwills have set prices of items to be $4.27 and less, a cheap deal for clothes but high prices compared to average used clothing prices.



Bibles for Missions Thrift Store: Jenison, MI

5/5 stars

This particular store has great deals every month that bring their average clothing prices to almost $2, with amazing clothing selections of name brand and designer clothing. The cleanliness is always spot on with a staff of all volunteers (including myself) that put lots of effort into the look of the store.

Goodwill Outlet: 3035 Prairie St SW, Grandville, MI 49418

⅖ stars

This Goodwill is an outlet on the Goodwill chain, their pricing is great because everything is weighted by the pound. This is only great if pickers actually find something in the craziness of it all. The cleanliness is quite questionable, so much so that every frequenter wears gloves and washable bags when digging through the mounds of reject clothing. The product is a real lottery, you could walk away with a one of a kind Tommy Hilfiger jacket or all a shopper can find is stained sheets.


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