Surviving the Fall- by Lexi DeKam (12)

IMG_1480 (1)

Grandville High School welcomes back Quinten Ott after 2 ½ months of bed rest. This August of 2018, Q and his friends, Gavin Tucker and Jake Antcliff, took a boys trip to Marquette, in the Upper Peninsula. The second day, as they were hiking through Dead River Falls, Q suddenly tripped over a root that was unfortunately pulled up from the ground. The root was located near a 30 ft cliff. Suddenly Q found himself falling 30 ft and landing on dried up dirt at the bottom. “I don’t understand how I survived” Says Q. A stranger hiking near by saw what had happened, and ran 30 minutes to catch a signal in order to call 911. It took 3 hours for Q to get to the ambulance. Once Q was finally in the hospital, his family and friends all gathered around to support Q in this horrific event. Q had shattered both of his legs and broke his back. Gavin Tucker quotes, “I’m just glad he’s alive, I don’t know what I would do without him.” Q spent a month and a half in the hospital, where he mostly spent his days in the hospital bed. When Q was able to transfer from the bed to a wheelchair, he was able to go home, where also his casts were replaced with boots. While Q was at home, he says his days consisted of physical therapy and just chillin. Q was on bed rest at home until October 22nd, where he was able to start walking, using a cane. Q survived an unbelievable event and many don’t know how he did. After going through what he had gone through, Q says, “I’m thankful for my family and friends for supporting me and I’m thankful to be alive”. If you see Quinton Ott walking through the halls as he starts his Sophomore year at Grandville High School, say hi or smile, because Q has been through a lot.

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