Early Bird Coffee & Food- A Restaurant Review- by Jen Blitchok (11)

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With brunch being the new craze to hit the food scene in recent years, people are always looking to find the best and, more importantly, tastiest restaurant around. If you and your friends are looking to go brunching, Early Bird in Eastown is the place for you. With delicious coffee and a variety of food options, everybody will find something they love.

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Pictured above is one of the most popular items on the menu. The avocado smash, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, is a fun twist on the trendy dish, avocado toast. An avocado and poblano spread comes atop a toasted homemade english muffin. On each half comes a soft boiled egg that gives the plate a more breakfast feel. Finally it is garnished with red cabbage, carrots and pickled onion that give it a fresh and new flavor.  

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The eggs divorciados is another item on the menu that pulls customers to the restaurant. Two sunny eggs come on top of tostada shells. Each egg has its own sauce, verde and rojo, to give the dish a spicy kick. To top it off, they place avocado, greens, and refried beans. You can add chorizo for $3 to give it a more hardy feel. This dish is perfect for any meal and will definitely leave you wanting to come back and order it again.

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The interior of Early Bird has a very trendy vibe. It is clean and inviting for friends and family of all ages. It’s the perfect place to go meet a friend for coffee or to get some studying in. They also offer outside seating that is perfect for the spring and summer months of the year if you are looking to stay in the sun.

Early Bird in Eastown on Lake Dr. is a great spot to stop for morning coffee or a meal. The staff is very friendly and are willing to make accommodations to your order to fit your needs and wants. For more information about Early Bird or to see the full menu your can check out they’re website: http://www.thatearlybird.com/#info2 .

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