Andiamos, Please!- Restaurant Review- by Anthony Rodriguez (12)

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Andiamos is a place a few people at Grandville High School are familiar with. The restaurant is located maybe 3 minutes from the school making it just about perfect for a lunch spot. Their five dollar lunch buffet it was makes the place ideal for GHS seniors who go out for lunch! For five dollars diners can eat all the pizza and breadsticks they want and tables can even request to have the waitress bring out some cinnamon sticks to their table.

Students at Grandville love this place and for a good reason. During their lunch buffet they usually have out some sort of meat pizza, but they will normally other types of pizzas per request. The pizza is consistent and always solid. Aside from their pizza, Andiamos offers breadsticks. The bread has garlic and cheese on it and those are always a hit, especially with a bit of ranch! Check it out!

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