Air Max 97 – Shoe Review- by Kaela Tucker (12)


  • The color
  • The air bubble
  • The durability of the shoe
  • The laces
  • The looks of the shoe
  • The bottoms
  • The inside
  • The price

I got these shoes for my 16th birthday from my friends. The shoes were in total $160. These shoes are my dream shoes. They are the air max 97s. The color is rose gold. The shoes are reflective in some areas which I really like.

The shoe is very durable. I have had them for a little over a year and though I wear them a lot they are still in really good shape. The soles of the shoes are very thick and the material is also stiff so it helps to keep them in good shape.

The only down side of the shoe is that it is hard for the laces to stay tied. The tongue of the shoe is very thick so I have to doubleknot and tie the shoe a lot during the day because the laces aren’t like normal laces they are a stretchy but hard material that is hard to stay tied.

I would give the shoe a 9.5/10 rating. The only reason the shoe isn’t a sold 10 is because of the laces and how much I have to tie them. They are still my dream shoe and I am very thankful that my friends got them for me!

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