A Change in Pace – by Nate Nielsen (12)


It seems as though the average person tends to go through the same routine every day without batting an eye or trying something different. Part of this is due to the fact that people are not open to change. Another part of this is because some people only have enough time to eat sleep and work/go to school.

The first problem is that people are not liable to change their routine once they feel comfortable. This would more than likely cause every day to be overwhelmed with boredom. Some people may not even notice they are bored. I am sure the vast majority of people wake up in the morning and shower before they do anything else. There is a good chance these people have gone through these same motions everyday for years.

Boredom is common, but severe forms of boredom are much less likely to happen. Due to the fact that they are less likely, they are more dangerous. Boredom can make people want to act in a destructive manner to release energy that has been stowed away. It also can make them feel depressed or completely avoid things and anyone that causes them to be bored in the slightest way. There are things in life that do not peak one’s interest but they are still imperative to do. Though some things can be avoided to keep things lively. For example something as simple as taking a different route home from work/school or trying one new restaurant a week could help one stay engaged without everything becoming trite.

One could wonder what some activities would be to stay engaged or to not get bored. Personally I love to hang out with my friends, play video games, watch sports, and periodically go to skyzone. I try to spend time doing all these different things in order to achieve a state of happiness without being burdened by boredom. One way for someone to avoid being plagued by boredom is to group some things together that people like to do in their spare time. 

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