Smart Phones Hurt Social Skills- by Kelcey Parmalee (12)

smart phone

Are our smartphones getting in the way of real socializing? Technology was brought upon us to make us more connected with each other than we ever were before via social media, texting or calling.  

Kailynn Cummings is a senior at Grandville and she comments, “I feel like people use phones as an escape from awkwardness or it becomes a self conscious habit to release yourself from the people around you.”Does Technology make us more alone? Do you find yourself surrounded by people who are staring at their screens instead of having face to face conversations?” Kailynn goes on to say, “If you are alone, you can text other people. I never feel isolated because of technology, but we can make it negative with drama that makes us feel alone because someone abused it. Most of the people in my life are mature enough to put their phones away, but for example when my mom and I are on trips she wants tons of pictures when I just want to experience the moment.”

Recent studies have found that “those using social media for more than two hours a day experience greater feelings of loneliness and isolation-regardless of other social and demographic variables between them.” Along with that the study lead, professor Brian Primark states “As humans, we are very social creatures. Our biology has evolved over time to need true social interaction-things like eye contact, touch and verbal discussion.”

With that being said do you feel like you might have an addiction to your phone? Do you ever catch yourself using your device as an escape? If this is you, try to connect more with the people around you, get out in society more. We all need to remember to live OUR lives and to not worry about what someone else is doing on social media.

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