Russ’ Restaurant Review- by Kaela Tucker (12)

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The first ever Russ’s opened in 1934. It was founded by J. Russel Bouws. He was 20 years of age when he first opened the restaurant. The Russ’s I dined at is at 4440 Chicago Dr SW, Grandville, MI 49418.

As I walked in I saw the desert area in the front by the register. All of the desert is laid out nicely and it seemed that it hadn’t been there for a long time. The restaurant is very nice and it is very much a family setting. Everyone there is very welcoming and nice. I give the restaurant a 9/10 for their customer service and for how the entrance way of the restaurant is set up.

I ordered the Russ’ Twinburger. It came with fries and I got everything but their homemade olive sauce on it. The burger came with fries. I was happy with the way the burger turned out, but I think if I would have gotten the sauce on it it would have been more exciting. I made a mistake and will order the sauce next time, but overall I give the food and how it was brought out to me an 8/10.

There are so many options to choose from at Russ’. I quickly realized that I can get anything from a burger to breakfast food here. I wasn’t quite sure what I was feeling to eat but I was with a friend who worked there and they really recommend that I try a burger. I was not disappointed with my decision to get a burger. I gave the menu a 9/10. I gave it a 9/10 because of all of the options and because it was set up neatly.
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Overall I rate Russ’ a 9/10. I thought it was a nice family friendly restaurant. Though it was nice I got the vibe that the restaurant isn’t really a place for teenagers to hang out, but if a few teens and their friends are looking for a chill place with some good burgers and good dessert or a teen wants to catch up with their grandparents to eat some food and spend time together, then then Russ’ is the place to go.

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