Maddie Remenap Keeps Student Council in Line- by Jenna Brinks (12)

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Maddie Remenap, a senior this year at Grandville High School, is the student council president. She was elected to this position by her fellow council members last spring. Her job entails a lot of work and leadership, but she takes it all in stride.

The president is required to plan meetings, lead committees, and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Remenap is there to lead the student council and set them up for success. Student council advisor Mrs. Van Hekken describes the presidents as someone who can be “confident in leadership and decision-making, and exude positivity.” They also need to be organized, manage their time well, and be passionate about leadership and GHS, Van Hekken also comments.

Homecoming week is the busiest week of the year for Remenap. “During homecoming, I do all the random jobs that aren’t assigned to a committee,” she says. Some of these random jobs include planning all the games for the assembly, numbering every homecoming ticket, and making sure a schedule is set and sent out to all the teachers and teams who are involved in the assembly.

This job is not easy. It takes a lot of time and dedication. “Everybody expects a lot from me. When something doesn’t go as planned, a lot of that pressure is put on me to fix it,” Remenap comments about the hardest part of her job. Even though it can be difficult at times, “I love the job and getting to work with the  awesome student council,” she also mentions.

It is clear that this senior at GHS executes leadership flawlessly. Remenap has led the student council to begin the year strong, having a great homecoming. Homecoming is not all the student council has planned for this year. They are hoping to bring back “Spring Swing”, which is like an outdoor spirit dance, as well as doing multiple service projects. “We are planning on adopting Christmas families and volunteering at local homeless shelters,” Remenap shares about the plans of the council. This board also wants to bring “Mr. GHS”, a mock male pageant, to Grandville.

In order to accomplish all of these goals, the student council must have a strong leader. Maddie Remenap does that for them. Next year, she plans to take her strong leadership skills to either Central Michigan University or Grand Valley State University to pursue a degree in early education.The president of student council requires a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. Without Remenap, the student council would not be doing the things for GHS that it does.

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