Cheer, Cheer and Volunteer!- by Mackenna Tomaszewski (11)

unnamed (7)

Volunteering is a big way the cheerleaders at Grandville High school give back to the community. The coach of the GHS cheer team loves volunteering because she says ¨It’s a great way to give back to the community we live in.¨ 

Some of the places the cheerleaders volunteer are tailgaters, the Susan G. Komen walk, Bulldog Buddies, Victory Day, and coaching Rocket Cheer. That’s 80 hours a year that the cheerleaders spend volunteering. They are dedicated to giving back.

¨Victory Day is a favorite because I love to see the joy on the kids faces when they score a touchdown.  I love to see our cheerleaders in the classroom making a difference for kids in our elementary schools. I’ve seen some amazing relationships develop between teachers and cheerleaders and cheerleaders and students.¨ says Julie Smith-Boyd, the cheerleading coach. Victory is where the special needs kids come play football and the cheerleaders cheer the kids on. Bulldog Buddies is and activity in which the cheerleaders go to the elementary schools classrooms to help the students with work or they go and have fun playing games in the classrooms.

Parents also love volunteering, they watch the cheerleaders volunteer and they sometimes help out too.  Rocket cheer coaching is a favorite activity to see the cheerleaders volunteer at because parent like seeing us as a positive role model to the little girls who could one day be them. A cheer mom, who requested to not be named says,¨They are an obtainable hero to the little girls who love watching the cheerleaders do what they do.¨

Volunteering is a big part of what the GHS cheerleaders do and it is a good thing for the community and everyone involed.

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