Big/Little Man on Campus- Hanna Kinzler (12)


Have you ever seen a male student in the halls that looks way too small to be a freshman? This impressive boy’s name is Sam McCarthy and he is not a freshman. He is a 6th grader at Cummings Elementary. Sam comes to the high school every morning to take honors geometry, during second hour.

Sam explains his experience at GHS by stating, “It’s pretty cool because there are lots of kids and you can see what the school is like and how it works. It’s different because there are a lot more kids than at my school.” Sam went on to explain how he really enjoys being able to watch our school’s morning announcements, since they are during the hour he is here. “There are so many lockers!” Sam told me that he likes to talk to the kids that he sits by in class. He was really nervous to come to the high school at first, but now it’s a lot easier. “I get excited to come to Grandville High School because I get to miss some of elementary school.” Sam stated, “If I could pick some activity to join here at GHS, it would probably be golf or basketball.

We all can probably imagine how nerve racking it would be to go into a pool of high schoolers as an elementary school student. With that being said, if you happen to see Sam in the halls, make sure to make our youngest student at GHS feel like he is part of the pack!  

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