Uccello’s… A Restaurant Review – by Allyson Collins (12)

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Uccello’s Ristorante has been around the Grand Rapids area for over 20 years. Faro Uccello opened the first restaurant in 1996 on the East Beltline. Since then he has opened six different locations in the past twenty two years. As soon as customers walk through the door they find it to be very welcoming and the restaurant has many types of different entertainment options, and the food of course. Patrons will find a bar and jukebox where they can play any type of music they want while watching many large TVs that always have sports playing.  

The Uccello’s I went to is located right in front of the mall on Wilson Ave, across from the Grandville High School.  When I walked in the vibe was very inviting with families eating dinner, waitresses walking around and music playing. My mom and I sat down, and were greeted right away. We ordered drinks and an appetizer. 

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There were TV’s with sports on all around the walls of the restaurant. To me, it’s a very home-like feeling with all the TV’s with sports because there are always sports on all my TVs.

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We then ordered our food off of the very organized menu which is easy to find anything you are looking for. I would give this restaurant a 9/10 review. I never have a bad experience when i go to this restaurant. 

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