The Battle We Least Expected – by Alexa Funk (11)

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I’m sure at this point many students have heard of Hudsi Who?!?! A diss track about Hudsonville produced by a Jenison student. Some of you may not know that there’s more to this story than just Hudsi Who?!?!

It all started September 21st after Hudsonville played Jenison and suffered a brutal defeat. Feeling quite confident and prideful about his school, Jenison rapper, Lil Bones released his new hit Hudsi Who?!?! on Soundcloud catching the attention of all Hudsonville students. In this dis track Lil Bones addresses Jenison’s win while also calling out Hudsonville’s students and their football team.

Of course this did not go unnoticed at Hudsonville. Not long after Hudsi Who?!?! was released Hudsonville’s very own Yung Summa came out with Sticks and Stones. Also uploaded on Soundcloud, one could say this track is less ¨friendly¨ than Hudsi Who?!?! and the lyrics contain threats towards Lil Bones and his family. “Supposedly he was asked to take the song off of Soundcloud,” states Hadley Mueller, a sophomore at Jenison.

There were no further developments in this “rap battle” until September 29 when Lil Bones came back with Catpack Nation, a reference to Jenison, once again expressing his pride in his school. He quotes that Jenison has the ¨best student section around” and that ¨Catpack Nation [is] the best.¨ We are currently waiting for what Lil Bones will release next. Does the battle continue or is the win really with the Catpack Nation? Feel free to listen to these tracks on Soundcloud. 

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