Making College More Affordable Again! by Alexa DeKam

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Are you a student who is stressing about the cost of your future college education? You may feel the urge to give up because there is no way of paying those student loans. Well fear no more, here’s some helpful tips and scholarship websites!

Loans are available for everyone. But, it all begins will filling out your FAFSA. If you are a senior and you haven’t started the FAFSA with a parent yet, you better do it soon! In addition to loans, work study may also be available, but that starts with fillin out the FAFSA as well! Beyond loans and work study, scholarships may be your best bet, but be prepared to spend some time on them. Scholarships aren’t just for students with the highest test scores, there are thousands of scholarships for students based on their family background, geography, talents, or career aspirations. Ms. Mattice, one of the counselors at Grandville High School, mentioned that there are many scholarship applications that anyone can pick up in the main counseling office. There’s also a way to rent textbooks instead of paying the full purchase price. There are also many companies that pay for their employees education, for example, Sprint, UPA, and even the companies that your parents work for may have special programs too. So, check all these things out! The easiest way to figure out how to pay for college is communication. Communicate and discuss all options, and ask for advice from your teachers, parents, friends, and even your boss at your part time job…Good luck! Check out the following websites:

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