Things to do and Places to Visit in Michigan by Noah Atwell (12)

One of the most common complaints heard from teens is, “There’s nothing to do in Michigan, this place is so boring.” In reality, if you were to drive at least 30 minutes outside of Grandville, there are plenty of exciting things for teens to do in Michigan. The list below includes anything from camping and fishing, to going to an amusement park or visiting the zoo in Detroit.

If you are more of an outdoors person, Michigan is the perfect place for you to be! The amount of different forests, beaches, state parks, and wilderness areas in Michigan is astonishing. The best part is, you won’t even have to travel all the way to the U.P. for amazing places to visit (although you could). If you’re into camping, one of the top recommend spots in Michigan is Nordhouse Dunes located in Mason County. This is a family friendly, large wilderness area that is open to camping and hiking. Nordhouse Dunes is best known for its 4 miles of undeveloped Lake Michigan shoreline. The best part about this place is you simply park, hike onto the trails with all your gear, and you can pick any spot throughout the extensive 3,450 acres of wilderness area. For more information on this area, visit here:  Nordhouse Dunes   

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Now, not everyone is into camping and roughing it out in the woods for a couple of nights. That’s understandable, however, if you still love the outdoors but hate camping, there are plenty of places in Michigan for you to visit. We have some of the most beautiful and accessible hiking trails in the country. To get a view of Michigan’s natural landscape as well as to get a little exercise in, Hiking Grand Mere State Park would be a great idea for you. This is a beautiful state park located in St. Joseph, MI and is about an hour and 11 minutes away. The park is known for its sand dunes and 1 mile of Lake Michigan beach. If you’re interested in more information on  this state park, visit: Grand Mere State Park

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The outdoors is not for everyone. If this is you, don’t worry, there are still things for you to do in Michigan. This will depend on your preferences. If you enjoy more casual, relaxing days you could visit the Detroit Zoo to view all the amazing animals. This is a very extensive zoo, home to more than 2,000 different animals. There are over 125 acres of exhibit and brings visitors face to face with the animals. If animals aren’t your cup of tea but you’re still looking for a relaxing afternoon, you could take a walk through Frederik Meijer Gardens botanical garden and sculpture park. This is one of the nation’s premier horticultural display gardens and sculpture parks. To learn more about these attractions visit:

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If you are more of a thrill seeker, you don’t have to travel too far. Michigan’s Adventure is an amusement park with both roller coasters and a water park located in Muskegon County. This is a very popular attraction in Michigan and is home to several unique and exciting rides. Purchase a fast pass to ignore the lines and enjoy a new splash pad. For additional information on this amusement park, visit:
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All things considered, next time think twice when you say there’s nothing to do around here. Instead of turning on your Xbox or deciding to watch Netflix maybe take some time to think of an idea to do that actually takes some planning. Michigan is full of beautiful scenery and outdoor attractions. Just take some time out and use some creative thinking, and you surely will find something fun to do here in Michigan.

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