Game Days for Coach Stiegel by Shane Baker (12)

Game days for Coach Stiegel are busier than his average school days. From the moment he wakes up, most days, to the moment he falls asleep football is on his mind. This intense focus gets Coach in the right mindset to coach a football game under the Friday night lights. This mindset tends to lead him to focus more on the game than anything else on game days. Coach tends to spend more time, when he is not teaching, on his computer watching game film on Hudl, but coaching is something Steigel says he “loves” most about his job. Not only is his mind on the game all day, but his days are longer. Coach Stiegel wakes up early every game day, picks out a game day outfit, that undoubtedly shows his Grandville pride, and watches the JV game film from the previous night for about an hour and a half before school. Not only does his morning start earlier than most, his evening is longer too. After the game, win or lose, he will go home and watch film to see what adjustments could be made, should be made or mistakes that can be fixed. He loves what he does and takes pride in his school, his teaching, his team, his players and especially his coaching.

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