Does College Ruin High School Relationships? by Collin McCloughan (12)


Have you ever had your significant other in your high school relationship leave for college? You are not alone. This is a common problem in high school relationships, and it may be difficult to keep a healthy relationship when you hardly get to spend time together.

There are many students throughout Grandville High School that deal with this issue. Tony is a senior at Grandville where he met his girlfriend Ally last year. But considering she is a grade above him, she went off to college this year. Tony is lucky enough to only have Ally a quick 30 minute drive to Hope College. He told me, “When she lived in Grandville it was an easy 5 minute drive to hangout, but now if we want to do something one of us has to make the 30 minute drive. It’s not as bad as some couples have it but it still is hard not being able to see her whenever I would like to.” No matter how far away they may be it can always be hard, but some have it worse than others.

Some couples aren’t able to handle the distance, and they may have to break up. Hannah, like Tony is a senior at Grandville High, and she was in a relationship with Mason who went off to college last fall. She decided that it was too hard for her to not be able to see him, so she decided it was the right decision to end the relationship. Hannah said, “I knew we weren’t going to be able to see each other very often, so I thought it was best to end the relationship.”  Not everyone can handle being away from their significant other for many different reasons. I asked, “How far is too far for a long distance relationship?” And she responded, “I think it would be different if it was just a quick drive within 30 minutes, but anything over that is just too much of a hassle and too hard to not see each other.” I can see where she is coming from. I am not alone in thinking that I wouldn’t want to drive 45 minutes every time I want to see my girlfriend. But, sometimes is works and many feel that if it is meant to be, it will work out no matter what the distance is. Some couples make it work, while others can’t find a solution that works best for the relationship. There are teens from all over the world that struggle with their significant other moving away for college. Some are able to fight through it, while some just don’t want to go through the pain.

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