Diving In with Gracyn Segard by Tony Rodriguez (12)

Gracyn Segard

Diving at GHS is a sport that many people overlook. I couldn’t tell you the last time I ever heard anyone talk about it, but there is definitely talent that is being missed and students at GHS should be talking about it! Our lady divers make up a very talented diving team that deserves some recognition. Gracyn Segard, senior diver, is a nationally ranked competitive diver and is someone every bulldog should go watch dive at our home pool. I sat down with Gracyn recently and asked her a few questions about her diving career.


Anthony Rodriguez: What are you most proud of from Grandville diving?

Gracyn: “All of my records!”


Me: How long have you been diving for and what is your best dive?

Gracyn: “ I started in 7th grade and I dive for club teams all year around. I’ve been diving for about 5 years. My best dive is front two and a half pipe.”


Me: What’s your favorite thing about diving and why?

Gracyn: “ the meets because I get to hang out with my friends and watch my competition.”


Me: What got you into diving and do you plan on diving in college?

Gracyn: “ I did gymnastics for 9 years then I quit. I then tried diving and enjoyed it. I just recently committed to UNC.”


Gracyn plans to attend the University of North Carolina to pursue a career related to sports in some way, but is undecided on exactly what that path will look like right now. She will also be diving there too. Gracyn is a Bulldog Diver to watch! 

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