Big Dawgs at the Big House by Kaela Tucker (12) & Allyson Collins (12)

Our Grandville Varsity Football team played at the big house on August 24, 2018. The big house is in Ann Arbor Michigan and it is the biggest college football stadium which holds up to 107,601 people. To be able to go there to watch U of M is a dream come true for many, but to have the Grandville High School football team play there was more than a dream come true for GHS. We thought it would be interesting to find out what some GHS students thought about the game and the opportunity.

 Jaydon VanDeusen who is a corner and is a junior, he stated,  “It was kind of overwhelming at first playing at the big house but once and warmed up I got used to it and it felt good.”

unnamed (18)

Wilson Pratt is a middle linebacker and shared his feelings about playing at The Big House and said “It was pretty incredible, It was way different than playing at a high school stadium because it was a lot bigger.”

unnamed (19)

Ryan Klingler, a coach for the team, heartwarmingly stated, “Obviously very few people get to step on that field and play football there so, as a coach I think it was pretty cool to walk through the tunnel, kind of check out the locker rooms and be on the field during the game. Overall, I think the experience is one memory that we will  be able to recall later on whether it’s as me as a coach or our players.”

unnamed (17)

Anna Hurley, senior at GHS, spoke about her experience as a fan, “Overall I thought the game was really fun. It would have been better if we won, but still I thought it was pretty hype. I also got the front row so that made it a lot better. I hope the team can go back next year so others can have the same experience I had.”

unnamed (16)

Jake Fontaine, a senior right tackle, shared what it was like to play there, “I had a knee injury during the game so I wasn’t too happy about that and it was a loss so it put us behind on the season and we still have a losing record but the experience was amazing and I am super happy I could been apart of it.”

unnamed (15)

Evan Shirley, the “A” for the GHS Dawgs Boys, exclaimed “It was my first time being a Dawg Boy and I was super nervous. But on top of that it was at The Big House so it was pretty scary. When we got out there and started to cheer it got a lot better and it was very fun. The crowd and the game were super hype!”

unnamed (14)

This game will be remembered by fans, players, coaches and more for a long time. In the future more opportunities may come to Grandville Varsity Football because of this experience.


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