Technology; Positive or Negative? How Technology is Affecting Schools By Sydney Hudson (12)

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Technology is taking over. Over the years, many schools have been integrating more technology into their routine. Here in the Grandville district Chromebooks were given out to students in 2013 and they weren’t used very frequently until a year or so after they were introduced. As teachers and students got comfortable using these Chromebooks, more assignments and tests were given on them along with transferring to online textbooks. Technology has taken over education and with that comes positives and negatives.

Let’s start with the positive effects of technology. One of the main reasons why technology has taken such a huge leap in schools is because students want to use it. Nowadays almost every student has a phone and a Chromebook, because of this students feel more inclined to use technology whenever they’re allowed. There are many different ways to use technology which is another positive. According to Danny Mareco of Securedge Networks, “Integrating technology into the classroom is an effective way to connect with students of all learning styles.” ( Having multiple ways to teach a lesson really helps with how students are able to learn and apply what is being taught. Using Chromebooks also allows students a feeling of independence. Being able to complete work on their own Chromebook creates a sense of self-efficiency while still having the ability to contact a teacher for help if it’s needed. Mileyka Ballard, a junior here at GHS, believes that “some classes have gotten better” since technology has been primarily used. She likes that there are more resources available and says that Chromebooks are “a helpful tool, but it depends on the person.” Mileyka still uses paper tools to study and finds that this is the most effective way to keep her grades up, so using technology has not had a big effect on her grades.

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Although there are many positives, there are just as many negatives. Even if students are given room to work independently, teachers still need to watch over their shoulders due to the technology becoming a distraction. Terry Heick of Teachthought writes, “It may be difficult for a teacher to monitor her students so closely in class as to determine whether they are utilizing educational apps or browsing Facebook.” ( Another issue with using Chromebooks is technological issues that occur. From wifi connection errors to small technical details, having an issue on your Chromebook sometimes makes participating in class a lot harder. Along with this comes the whole charging issue. Many students are responsible with their Chromebooks and charge them every night, but many do not. This becomes an issue when they are no longer able to participate in class because their Chromebook is not available to them. Katherine Reischman, another junior attending GHS, explained that “it’s sometimes harder to particpate in lessons due to technical difficulties.” 

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Overall, technology has become very prominent in education and because of this many routines have changed. Now whether or not technology is a positive transition depends on who you’re asking and what their own personal routine is. But the real thing to consider is if using technology really improves the learning environment at Grandville High School and other schools around the world?

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