Lancto’s Vision for GHS by Brenden Leys (12)


Grandville High School has a new Principal. After the tragic loss of our previous principal, Mr. Vanderslice, Mr. Philo took over for a time and now Mr. Lancto is very excited to fill the position. Many people are wondering what kind of changes should be expected. How does Mr. Lancto want to impact the school environment? In an interview with Lancto himself he answers these questions for us.

“That’s one of the things that’s unique, we haven’t made a lot of changes” Lancto says. “Part of the importance of long lasting, impacting change is when you start new initiatives and when you start new things, you see them through.” Lancto specifically brings up the bell schedule, saying, “This is our third year of changing the bell schedule with seminar. This is a huge change for us and we’re still living through that change right now.”

The conversation then turned to the culture and environment of our school. “We are treating each other differently. We have to start embracing each other. We all have unique stories and backgrounds and we can celebrate those” emphasizes Lancto.  “Let’s be proactive in this and create a school that we are all proud of.”

When asked how he would like to be remembered as a principal, Lancto commented, “I would hope that staff, students and community remember me as someone who was very passionate about Grandville High School. Someone who is passionate about helping kids and someone who wasn’t going to take the easy way, who works hard and makes sure we have the best experiences and atmosphere we can here at Grandville High School. I want to be known as someone who cares deeply about kids, not just about test scores or AP scores. Those are all very important things but I’m more worried about the students here and what’s going on in their lives.”

Part of the improving environment of the school is the relationship between the administration and the students. Many students don’t understand the purpose of many of the rules and guidelines of the school. Mr. Lancto has an open-door policy, and would love for you stop by if you have any questions about rules, changes or anything else.

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