Humans of GHS -Mr. Joel Breazeale (Dean of Students at GHS)


“Nobody saw that loss coming. Even in overtime, we went into it not cocky, but very comfortable and confident. Then there was a breakdown and all of a sudden it was the last game for our 14 seniors. We had become so successful with 3 losses out of 26 games, which is by far the best record in program history in 42 years. We played well that night, yet their goal tender was better than our goal scorer. Our standard has been so high, and it’s painful to even look back on it, yet we had gotten so far and the boys really do have something to be proud of. Most of our young men shook it off pretty quickly, got up on that line, went through the handshake and held themselves high. I think that’s the big part to take away. That other team won fair and square and had every right to celebrate. We had every right to be respectful and honor the game. There is only one team smiling at the end of the season and in the end how are you going to handle it.”


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