15 Cheap Dates by Katelyn Crame (12)


“What do you want to do tonight?” We all know that question. You would like to go on a cute date with your girlfriend or boyfriend instead of Netflix and hangout on the couch like you always do. You two go back and forth with the famous “You pick.” “No you pick!” But, this conversation never gets you anywhere. Well, that problem is fixed! I put together this guide of 15 cute and fun date ideas that won’t break the bank.   

Art Prize/Art Museum

Take a trip downtown and visit the famous Grand Rapids ArtPrize or the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Make sure you bring your camera for all of the photo opportunities and maybe even grab a bite to eat.  


Ice skating

Grab your skates, bundle up and make your way to Rosa Parks Circle. Skate hand in hand around the rink. Make sure to take some cute couple pictures and don’t fall!


Make a romantic dinner at home with the food you have in your pantry

Making a dinner with just the food you have in the pantry can be both fun and challenging. The  two of you will have to work together to make sure you get the best outcome. After the meal is made, sit down and talk about your day and enjoy.

Swing Dance

Get your groove on and visite swing that is held Downtown GR. You two will get the chance to learn a cool dance, some cool tricks and listen to some great music.


Grand Rapids Public Museum  

The Grand Rapids Public Museum could be a great trip to the past. The Grand Rapids Public Museum is even offering discounted admissions for students of $7. Make sure to bring your student ID and take lots of pictures. You could even visit the food court!  


Go on a Bike Ride

Instead of going on a car ride, save your gas. Get your old bike down and take a trip to the nearest ice cream shop and treat yourselves.

Go on a Picnic

Pack some your favorite sandwiches, chips and drinks. Go to your favorite park as a kid and look for a nice tree to enjoy the nice and easy meal you have put together. If there’s snow on the ground don’t worry. Bundle up and instead of packing a sandwich, pack soup and hot chocolate.

Pumpkin Picking and Carving

Take a trip to Post Family Farms for a whole bunch of fun pumpkin picking. After you find the perfect pumpkin take a little break and grab some yummy donuts and apple cider. You could even enjoy a hayride together. Save the pumpkin carving for another night and another cheap date! Don’t forget to roast the seeds for a healthy snack.


For the Kidz Open Gym

At For the Kidz, you can enjoy jumping on trampolines together and maybe even challenge your girlfriend/boyfriend to a friendly competition on who can jump the highest. You could also do some cool tricks into the foam pit.


Tarry Hall Roller Rink

Everyone remembers going to Tarry Hall and hanging out there in middle school. Take a trip down memory lane. Grab your old skates and skate in circles hand in hand. Make sure you stop at the concession stand and grab some food and your favorite candy.


Go to Grand Haven and watch the sunset

Everyone loves going to Grand Haven so pack your favorite blanket and drive down to the beach. Once you get there walk by the water until you find a good place to settle into the sand and watch the pretty sunset. This is a great time to keep your phone in the car and just enjoy the moment.

John Ball Zoo

Take trip to the past! Make sure you see all of your favorite animals before you leave. Make sure that you go soon, because the animals won’t be out much longer.

Build a fort and have a movie marathon with your favorite snacks (free)

Grab all of your blankets and pillows that you can find and channel your inner child and make a big fort. Pop a movie into the tv and pop some popcorn and have yourself a free movie date.

Have Water Balloon/Snowball Fight in the Backyard

Channel your inner kid by having a water balloon fight in your backyard. You can visit your local Dollar Tree and pick up some cheap water balloons. If it’s snowing don’t worry, replace the water balloons with snowballs.

Get out your old Wii and play Just Dance

Dust off your old Wii and challenge your partner to a dance battle.

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