Stella’s – A Restaurant Review by Hailie Davidoski (11)

The 80’s. A time of burgers, hard rock music, Pac-man, and Donkey Kong. If that’s something you’re into then Stella’s in Downtown Grand Rapids is for you. Stella’s on Commerce Ave. is a mixture of all of these things. They’re well known for their burgers and have even been called “The Best in America” on many different occasions. They have an array of different food choices to feed everyone’s hunger needs.

unnamed (3)

First course on the adventure to Stella’s was the appetizer. They have a notable amount of appetizers to start off your dining experience. Ranging from 3 Way Nachos, to Vegan Chick(pea) Wings! I was with a group and we ended up getting the Spicy Queso Dip. It was a delicious melted cheese with salsa and topped off with scallions and bacon and is served with Tortilla Chips.

For the second and main course of the meal we all got seperate things. I got The Big Ballah which is a ½ pound juicy Black Angus burger topped with cheddar stuffed jalapenos, bacon, an onion ring, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions that comes with a side of Chronic Fries.

unnamed (2)

The burger was extremely savory and cooked perfectly. The cheddar filled jalapeno poppers on top were spicy, but not too spicy as to where the spice was overwhelming and I couldn’t enjoy the burger. The bacon added a nice crispness to the burger and the onion ring and tied it all together perfectly with that hint of onion, but once again it was not too much as to overwhelm the whole burger itself.

Another person from the group I was with got something called The Mr. Fables. It is a ½ pound Black Angus burger topped with TONS of green olives, dirty martini mayonnaise, a slice of Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, an onion ring, and onions that is sided with onion rings.

unnamed (1)

“The burger was very flavor-filled. The whole burger fit together perfectly. There were a lot of olives but surprisingly the olive flavor was not overpowering, like you might think. The onion ring added a nice crispness to the burger and the Swiss cheese fit perfectly in with the whole flavor combination” exlaimed my fellow diner.

To end off the day we ended with the Gooey Gooey Cookie Rolls. This dessert was the perfect dessert for anyone who has a nasty sweet tooth. The dish was cookie dough rolled into a decently sized cylinder shape, then fried and served with a vanilla cream dipping sauce that will change your life.


The whole experience at Stella’s was amazing. The staff were all extremely nice and helpful. The food was amazing and very flavorful. The whole place has a very cool atmosphere with the video games, the all around rock music and the stellar food.

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