“Every Step I’m Running is a Fight”

by Jess Wolfe, Maddie Osterink, and Amaya Berkley

With an optimistic approach, Steven Faulk tells his story of his battle against Parkinson’s Disease. The average person has heard of Parkinson’s, but most people don’t understand the extent of this disease. Listen to Faulk, Grandville High School Human Biology Teacher Mrs. Reiger, and GVSU professor and Parkinson’s Researcher Dr. Merritt Taylor, who all discuss Parkinson’s and the strides taken in research towards finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

2 thoughts on ““Every Step I’m Running is a Fight”

  1. Great article/video!
    I wanted to post a few local exercise classes and resources for people who have or who know someone who has Parkinson’s disease. Current research shows great benefit in regular exercises for this population!

    YMCA – Pedaling for Parkinson’s

    Rock Steady Boxing

    Find an LSVT BIG clinician


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