Dreams Series #2- Alyssa

by Christian Lubbers

Fast Facts:

Age: 22

Childhood dream: Model

Current occupation: Cashier for PetSmart.

“When I was little I always wanted to become a model, however I looked in the mirror one day and seen a mole on my face. After that I decided it was impossible to become a model, so I quit my dream. Later in my life I noticed my mother was acting stranger and stranger every year, but in reality I was just realizing that my mom was legally psychotic, so my dad finally got a divorce and now they live separately from each other. Three years later I then decided to move in with my boyfriend over here in Grandville. I applied to multiple jobs around the area, and PetSmart was the first to respond. I only started working here three weeks ago, but I feel that I’m going to be here much longer!”

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