Black Friday Soon to be Forgotten?

by Lizzy Pena

Black Friday. Otherwise known as the craziest shopping day of the entire year. It’s the day right after Thanksgiving that everyone wakes up at the crack of dawn for. What makes waking up an hour after you go to bed so worth it? The deals.

Stores all around the U.S give out insane deals to try to get people to come into their stores.

“I’ve gone in the past because I wanted to experience the craziness,” freshman Jane Durham said. “Everyone always made it seem like the lines would be out the building and the people would be unusually insane. Yeah they were right.”  

Recently there has been news of Black Friday slowing down and eventually dying out.

When asked how she felt about this, freshman Chloe Beatty said it wouldn’t affect her much.IMG_1943

“I do most of my shopping online anyways, and so do my parents,” Beatty said. “But a lot of other people will probably miss it.”

Senior Taelor Peaks works at the Kohls in the Rivertown mall and said “I couldn’t imagine not having a mile long line out the door on Black Friday.”

Most stores would probably notice the difference, too. Black Friday is the kick off of the holiday season, so the loss of the holiday shopping would be very noticeable. 30% of annual earnings are made between Black Friday and Christmas.

Store employees can tell you crazy stories about Black Friday shoppers.

Jaela Divers, a junior at GHS and an employee at Justice, recalled a time she was working Black Friday, and two teenage girls ripped a shirt in half trying to grab it from one another.

“They looked like nice girls,” Divers said. “I never would have expected they could tear a pretty thick sweater right down the middle.”

There are numerous stories of how crazy people get on :lack Friday.

Junior Becca Larson explained a time when her grandma “Had to literally use me as a human shield since I was only twelve, she thought people would be a little less violent towards me!”

Black Friday will always be remembered whether it stays or goes. It’s kind of an unspoken holiday, but will it be replaced by Cyber Monday? This year’s lines will give us a look into the future.  

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