Hockey Season 42 Begins

by Patrick Underwood

On October 30th, the Grandville varsity hockey team held their 42nd annual tryouts.

Head coach Joel Breazeale is happy that “all the returners and prospects have put the time in the offseason.”

The Grandville varsity hockey team has been in the weight room 5 days a week during the summer and fall.

Senior Chris Northouse states “the boys have been grinding every week and are very dedicated to the team.”

Senior Hunter Cunningham says “the team has been putting in a lot of work in the offseason and I think it will be a good year for them.”

Coach Breazeale described the character of the team.

“When teams play us, they know what to expect,” Breazeale said. “Highly energetic, respectful, and plays to win every period.”

The team’s first game is on Saturday, November 18 at 7:30 vs team rival GRCC at Southside ice arena. The team’s hardest regular season is coming up and it would be great to see some support for the boy’s hard work and dedication to the sport.

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