Titanic (1997)- 20th Anniversary Review

Nevin Hooper

Hello, fans of classic films! Today we are tackling a film that most of you will probably know: Titanic! The epic romance mixed with the historical epic disaster of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. And now you can go experience, or re-experience the film with its re-release in theaters for the film’s 20th anniversary!

If you are not familiar with my grading system, it works like this: I grade films on a scale from 0/10 (movies that are so horrible that they should have never been made), to an 11/10 (movies that are so phenomenal that you just can’t give the average 10/10 grade).

For those who have not seen this film, it follows young Rose (Kate Winslet, in a fantastic performance that earned her a nomination for Best Actress) as she boards the “ship of dreams,” as some people at the time called it, called the Titanic, for a trip to the Americas. Along with her comes the poor but adventurous, Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio, in his most beloved role), with goals of returning back home to America. On their trip, they fall for each other, and so starts their unlikely romance until the dreaded day that the colossal ship runs into an iceberg and starts to sink. This is when the film takes a huge turn from being a heartfelt romance, to an edge of your seat disaster flick.

Being one of three films to win the most Oscars a film has ever won (11 Oscars to be exact, including Best Picture), it is phenomenal.  It appeals to a wide audience, being both a romance and a fast paced thriller, which is astonishing and partly why I loved it. The chemistry between Jack and Rose is extremely believable, and the characters were so well developed that you wanted to see them both succeed once the ship started to fall apart around them.

The film looks amazing, the special effects, cinematography, masterful camerawork, and direction still hold up twenty years later. The set decoration is fantastic, and you truly feel that you are in the Titanic, which makes it an even more exciting film. The acting is great, especially from Kate Winslet in one of her best performances, along with DiCaprio, who is always amazing. Many of the supporting roles also deserve recognition, like Gloria Stuart who plays the old Rose and is the oldest person to be nominated for an Oscar. Billy Zane, I felt, did a great job too as a great antagonist. The whole film is a marvelous spectacle in modern filmmaking and I have to give it an 11/10.

What did you think of Titanic? Did you think it is one of your favorite movies (like how I personally think of it), or did you think it was too long and boring? Either way, tell me in the comments, and I will be back with more reviews of old films!

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