Advice From Seniors

by Megan Harrington

High school is time that you will remember forever, you can never get this time back so make the most of it while it’s still here. Three seniors shared what high school was like for them and gave their best advice to underclassmen.

Senior Brad Sanders has been a part of the boys basketball teams throughout his entire high school career. He shares a vivid memory.

“Last year when we played Hudsonville at home in front of a packed crowd, I hit the 2 game clinching free throws and the crowd went crazy.”

Although sport has been a huge part of his life, Brad said, “I wish I would have taken my classes more seriously as an underclassmen because in the long run they mean a lot.”

One thing that he thinks all underclassmen should know is,“to not be afraid to just be yourself, to not care about what others think about you and just be you…”

One thing to not miss out on are the dances that the school puts on, Emily Anglim said.

“Senior homecoming was the best yet. I thought the music was the best and it’s the dance I’ve had the most fun at!”

One thing that Emily wished she would have done differently was, “I wish I would’ve been more involved in school clubs or exec board and student council. I was too scared to join and I feel like it would’ve added to the ‘high school experience’ if I was involved on one of those boards.”

Emily’s best advice to underclassmen is, “Appreciate your parents because after high school you most likely won’t be seeing them everyday and you never know when they’ll be gone, so appreciate them while you can.”

Kaitlyn Orme has been involved in softball her whole life, one of her favorite high school memories was, “going to states last year for softball and being runner up.”

One thing she wish she would have done while in high school was, “to join more clubs.” Her best advice to underclassmen is, “Don’t stress so much about school and don’t wish high school away.”


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