Meet Emeli Collet!

by Maddie Osterink

The foreign exchange program has brought many new faces to Grandville High School this year. One of those new faces is Emeli Collet. He is 16 and technically a junior but is in a range of freshmen to senior classes. He will graduate with the 2018 seniors this year.

Emeli’s journey to the United States for this school year was definitely a long one. He boarded a plane in Bremen, Germany, his hometown, then flew to Frankfurt, Germany. He then boarded another plane and flew to New York City and then finally made his way to Grandville.

It was a big adjustment the first few days for him because it’s a 6 hour time change.

“I got to New York around 6 p.m. and just fell right asleep,” he said. “I wasn’t use to it at all.”

There are many differences here from Germany. For example the legal drinking age in Germany is 16, but the legal driving age is 18, where as in the U.S you’re legally allowed to drive at 16 and legally allowed to drink at age 21.

Football is another example of difference.

“Many people here get excited in about football games where as in Germany students get more excited for soccer games,” Emeli explained.

Emeli is currently on the boys cross country team and enjoys rock climbing and hanging out with friends. Emeli can speak German, French and English and is learning Spanish and enjoys knowing how to speak many different languages. 

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