Maddie Misner to perform at Takeover Fest

by Miguel Guzman

Grandville High School is filled with talented people like creative musician Maddie Misner.

Maddie Misner is a solo artist who has played the upright bass guitar since sixth grade. She has also been playing the guitar for two years now. Guitar being her favorite instrument and being inspired by the band 1975, she started to find her creative flow to start making her own songs. Coming from an emotional place, she also found her voice to write song lyrics and also help her express herself through her love of music. Maddie’s music is a mix of original, indie, and alternative rock.

Growing up, she heard her dad say “fortune favors the brave” and that is what helped her not be nervous and start performing live. After playing at her school talent show, a good friend of hers helped her get gig at the Upper Room in downtown Grand Rapids. Since Maddie has now been performing live for two years she dreams of touring California, Colorado, and New Orleans. In a couple of years she hopes she is on tour more, has more music out, and can go into music therapy.

Maddie has a show coming up on November 10 at Takeover fest and she is currently working on recording an EP.

You can listen to her music on her bandcamp page. She hopes if her music takes off, that she gets “big enough to have a good life, but not enough to get bombarded at a Walmart.”

In Maddie Misner words “Go support your local music, it helps out a lot.”

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