High Hopes and School, Community Drive

by Jess Wolfe

Every purchase fights poverty. For every hammock sold, High Hopes Hammock Company donates another hammock or survival kit to a homeless person in need.

“I was inspired to start High Hopes when I was hiking on the Appalachian trail in 2015. I slept in a hammock every night for nine days and it made me realize that a hammock could be used as an emergency shelter and place to sleep for someone in a homeless situation.”  

Founder, Connor Moynihan, took this inspiration and turned it into a motivation for helping homeless individuals sustain a better quality of life.


“One place I have donated that was very eye-opening, was to the homeless on streets of San Deigo, this trip taught me a lot about the homeless and how to approach them and the best ways to help them.”


High Hopes Hammock company partners with churches who travel on international donation trips, donating hammocks all over the world, places like Kenya, Honduras, Guatemala, India, and the Dominican. High Hopes offers the only hammock on the market with an all in one innovative velcro cocoon design. The hammocks are equipped with velcro sides allowing users to wrap themselves up like a cocoon. This unique feature provides wind and bug protection, along with warmth and privacy. These qualities are especially important for homeless individuals living in areas with deadly viruses spread thru bugs as well as homeless people living in cold climates.

“My favorite part about this company is seeing the ways it has helped people.”

Handing out survival kits is another generous effort the High Hopes family is committed to. Connor has witnessed first hand, the happiness, survival kits bring to people.

“In one situation right here in GR there was a mom and her four children sitting at a picnic table in Heartside Park. The mother was splitting one single bag of Cheetos on to four plates for her children. It was so sad to see, but the children and their mom were so happy when we were able to give each of them a sandwich, protein bar, peanut butter crackers, and water.”

High Hopes has many outstanding plans to grow their generosity to an even broader spectrum. As far as third world countries, High Hopes will continue to hang hammocks in the homes of people in need of safe and sanitary places to sleep. Connor plans to do more than that like handout meals, clothing and do clean water projects. He also hopes to make a lasting impact on the refugees of the refugee crisis.

“Further into the future, it has always been my plan to create jobs and a better life for people living in poverty.” 

High Hopes Hammock Company is also working on their clothing line and would like to create their own manufacturing here in Michigan where hammocks, clothing, and other camping products will be made.

“With this manufacturing, we will hire the homeless to create and package our products. I would like to team up with substance abuse programs, therapists, and affordable housing programs so we can give our employees everything they need to have a better life.”

Throughout the month of December, High Hopes will be doing a hat, glove, blanket and meal donation to homeless individuals across Detroit and Grand Rapids.

“We are hoping to hand out blankets to 150-200 homeless individuals.”

Please consider helping Connor and the rest of High Hopes Hammock Company meet or even, succeed their goal by donating, gently used or new hats, gloves, and blankets at Grandville High School on Monday, November 13th through Tuesday, November 21st.

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