Varsity soccer captain on leadership

by Megan Harrington

Senior and captain Gavin Peddie has had a great last season of soccer at Grandville High School. Gavin started playing soccer when he was 5 years old and said, “My mom inspired me to play” and he continues to love soccer because, “It’s very difficult and it takes skill and dedication to be good.”

This season has been a lot of fun for Gavin and a great way to end his soccer career at Grandville High School. His team has been one of the biggest reasons why it had been so  great.

“My favorite thing about my team is we are good friends on and off the field,” Gavin said.

Gavin took great pride in this year.

“It feels good to be selected a captain,” Gavin said. “It shows that my teammates look up to me and expect me to be a good leader.”

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