Get to know new teacher Mr. Cook

by Pat Clark

Grandville High School has welcomed new teachers into the district this year. One of the many is Mr. Cook. Mr. Cook is married to Jackie Cook who is also a teacher in the district. Together they have a young son whose name is Braeden.  Mr. Cook used to live in Warren, Michigan and taught at Warren De La Salle High School.

Mr. Cook teaches Composition through Literature 9 (CTL9) and Composition through American Literature 10 (CTAL10) and is enjoying Grandville thus far.

When asked why he and his family came to Grandville Mr. Cook explained “it was a great opportunity and a great place to live. My wife and I were looking for a nice place to raise our son.”

Mr. Cook also explained that “this provided us for better opportunities professionally.”

Mr.Cook is also the new head coach of the varsity baseball team. When asked what he does when he’s not teaching or coaching baseball he said, “I really like hanging out with my family.”

Mr. Cook hopes to continue growing relationships with the staff and students at Grandville High School.

Before teaching Mr. Cook attended Albion College where he got his undergraduate degree in history and English. Later he attended Madonna University to get his masters degree.

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