Four “Nerdy” November Things to be Excited About

by Brandon Matzke

Well, goodbye October. You were fun. Hello, November! There’s a lot for us “nerds” to be excited about, from gaming to movies, and even comics. So, let me dive into the things I’m looking forward to this month!

4. Gaming

I’m not much of a gamer, but I wanted to inform all you PS4, Xbox 1, and Switch owners about the games coming out. You Call Of Duty fans have a new game coming soon: WWII (PS4, Xbox One, PC). The Xbox fans have the Xbox One X (a lot of Xs now that I think about it…). Us Sonic fans (yes I play Sonic The Hedgehog games– Sonic 3 and Knuckles are my favorites), have the anticipated Sonic Forces (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC) coming out, a late 25th anniversary present to us from Sega. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon (3DS) is here for Pokemon fans, along with Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) coming in time for The Last Jedi. For the family, Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) releases November 14. For the more grown up, the Resident Evil Revelations Collection (Switch) releases on the 28th. There’s probably a few hundred Steam games I failed to mention, but either way, November is an exciting time for gamers.

3. Netflix and Hulu

Oh, Netflix. How we love thou. Thee has brought us hours of entertainment, from your excellent exclusives (Stranger Things, Marvel’s Daredevil, Bojack Horseman) to the excellent films and TV you add, there is plenty to love. And in November, the party continues. Several new movies and tv shows were just added today, including the acclaimed Pursuit of Happiness, the popular action/comedy classic Men In Black, and severely underrated Field Of Dreams (trust me it’s more than a dumb baseball movie) and 42 (based on the life of Jackie Robinson). But maybe those don’t appeal to you. Maybe you want something dark, gritty, and violent. Well, thankfully for you, Marvel’s Punisher comes out on the 17th. And on the other end of the spectrum, The Boss Baby comes out on Netflix on the 22nd. What if you have Hulu? Well, you still have plenty of luck: Marvel’s Runaways comes out on the 21st, the best picture nominee Fences makes it’s Hulu debut on the 24th. And while you’re waiting, a ton of stuff was just added today; about half on the classic Bond movies (Dr. No, Goldeneye, Goldfinger to name a few), the comedy classic Airplane! (which both Nevin and I adore), crime classics like Ocean’s Eleven and The Usual Suspects, one of Nevin’s favorite Woody Allen movies (The Purple Rose Of Cairo), one of my favorite action movies (Terminator 2: Judgement Day), the horror classics Scream and Bram Stroker’s Dracula, and for the family, Aristocats, Brother Bear, and Mister Holland’s Opus. Just whatever you do, don’t watch Kazaam. That’s just pure torture.

2. Comics

I love comic books. I personally think they’re super underrated. And I know I’m not the only fan of comics in this school, so I’ll inform you about the comic releases this month. Of course you have the ongoing series (Batman #34, Green Lanterns #34, Spiderman #234, etc.), but you also have your new ones (Deadman #1) and the much anticipated Doomsday Clock event from DC comics, which will be a crossover involving the Watchmen (from my favorite graphic novel ever) and the traditional DC Universe. So, if you ever wondered who would win in a fight between Superman and Doctor Manhattan, here’s your opportunity to find out.

1. The new movies!

Half my job revolves around movies, so of course I had to cover these. November seems like a big month for movies. We’re getting two superhero films (Thor Ragnarok (the 3rd) and Justice League (the 17th)), a remake which I hope will be amazing (Murder On The Orient Express, coming on the 10th), an adaptation of a bestselling novel (Wonder (17th)), a film about the true story of Winston Churchill (Darkest Hour, 24th) and another about a civil rights leader (Roman J. Israel, Esq, coming November 17). And for Pixar fans there is Coco (24th). And, for you guys who like Will Ferrell, Daddy’s Home 2 comes out on the 10th. Just keep in mind I’ll be too busy watching Murder On The Orient Express to check it out.

Well guys, those are the things I’m looking forward to this month (other than Thanksgiving). Tell me in the comments what you’re excited for, and be sure to follow this awesome blog. Next I’ll be reviewing Thor Ragnarok. Enjoy your week!

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