Hitchcock October Marathon- North by Northwest (1959)


by Nevin Hooper

Hello, fans of the world of classic movies! We are still nearing closer and closer to the frightening day of Halloween! The month of horrifying films and suspense films has encouraged me to continue reviewing films made by the Master of Suspense: Alfred Hitchcock. I have previously written reviews for Rear Window (1954), and Vertigo (1958), so now I am going to get into Hitchcock’s most entertaining film, North by Northwest!

Known as one of the most entertaining films of all time, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 Oscar-nominated adventure film, North by Northwest, tells the story of a man named Roger O. Thornhill (Cary Grant, in a great performance, who also became very good friends with the acclaimed Alfred Hitchcock) who is falsely accused of murdering someone, and is also accused of being some sort of spy. So, the government is after him since he supposedly killed this person, but this other society of people is after him because they think he is a spy, so they think he can ruin their society. Then this film turns into high speed adventure across the entire country, and Thornhill has no idea who to trust.

I adore this movie so much! It is easily one of the most rewatchable movies I have ever seen. It is so fun, entertaining, and suspenseful with Hitchcock’s famous moments of suspense and thrills. The screenplay is so well thought through and there are fantastic set pieces. The movie also features some of cinema’s most famous moments, such as Roger being chased by a crop duster. Furthermore, the climax is on top of the heads of the presidents on Mount Rushmore.

Hithcock’s sense of storytelling is phenomenal, and every scene mounts more and more suspense, which is another thing that I love about this movie. With Rear Window and Vertigo you had to wait until half an hour into the movie to get the story going (not that I minded, it was used amazingly to get you to know the characters), but this film immediately starts in the action. I don’t know what else to say about this movie. It’s so good. It’s amazing. I love it and I highly recommend it, and shall give it an 11/10.

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