Behind the Scenes With GHS Student Council

by Lizzy Pena

Homecoming week just passed not long ago, and speaking as a senior, it was a great last homecoming. As a school we all love the traditions, games, and dances put on, but does anyone think about how it all happens? Who puts homecoming week together?

Well, along with the teachers and staff, a lot of the credit goes to the student council.

Student council is a group of kids from each grade here at GHS that does so much for our school including putting together all the details for homecoming every year.

After speaking to some members of student council, many other events were mentioned besides homecoming that are put on by the student council.

“Student council takes on a lot of initiatives throughout the year. Our largest event of the year is homecoming that we begin planning in May of the previous school year,” student council member Matt Kocsis said.

Talent Rock, Teacher luncheon, food drives, and spring swing are just a few more of the various events and fundraisers the student council organizes.

When asked why he joined student council, Matt Kocsis said “I joined student council when I was in 5th grade because I thought it would be really cool to be a part of the “government” of the school. As I continued it in middle school and high school I realized that I love being a leader at Grandville and making a difference for our students and campus climate.”

Ellie Irwin, a freshman at GHS, loves to be part of the decision making at her school and “wanted to help give back to my community.”  

The student council does a lot of behind the scenes planning for the variety of events and fundraisers here at GHS and they definitely deserve some recognition for their hard work.

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