Homecoming proposal with pups

by Abby Mcdowell

We usually hear about guys asking girls to homecoming, but that’s not the case for Crysta Otts. Her boyfriend, Joe Klunder, goes to Calvin Christian, so she had to ask him to Grandville’s homecoming.

Crysta asked him with his dogs Buffet and Mosley. She texted him to come outside and she had a poster and the two dogs. The poster stated “How could you PAWSibly say no… Hoco? It’d be ruff without you.”crysta.jpg

Crysta says that she enjoys asking him to Grandville dances because she likes to see the excitement in his face. He also asks her to Calvin dances, so they both get to do a little something for one another.

Crysta said Joe loves his dogs the most, so she thought they would be a cool way to ask him. She has already asked him using the sports he played for other dances, so she had to switch her ideas up.


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